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German Surnames and Their Meanings and Origins

With roots in the Germanic middle ages, German surnames have been around since the 1100s. They are often very easy to identify if you either know a little German or know which clues to look for. Names that contain the vowel clusters ue and oe indicate umlauts (Schroeder -- Schrà ¶der), providing a clue to German origins. Names with the vowel cluster ei (Klein) are also mostly German. Beginning consonant clusters such as Kn (Knopf), Pf (Pfizer), Str (Stroh), Neu (Neumann), or Sch (Schneider) indicate possible German origins, as do endings such as -mann (Baumann), -stein (Frankenstein), -berg (Goldberg), -burg (Steinburg), -bruck (Zurbrà ¼ck), -heim (Ostheim), -rich (Heinrich), -lich (Heimlich), -thal (Rosenthal), and -dorf (Dusseldorf). Origins of German Last Names German surnames developed from four major sources: Patronymic Matronymic Surnames - Based on a parent’s first name, this category of surnames isnt as common in Germany as in many other European countries. Patronymic surnames are found primarily in the Northwestern areas of Germany, although they may be encountered in other areas of Germany. (Niklas Albrecht -- Niklas son of Albrecht).Occupational Surnames - More commonly found in German families than almost any other culture, these last names are based on the person’s job or trade (Lukas Fischer -- Lukas the Fisherman). Three suffixes which often indicate a German occupational name are: -er (one who), commonly found in names such as Fischer, one who fishes; -hauer (hewer or cutter), used in names such as Baumhauer, tree chopper; and -macher (one who makes), found in names like Schumacher, one who makes shoes.Descriptive Surnames - Based on a unique quality or physical feature of the individual, these surnames often developed from nicknames or pet names (Karl Braun -- K arl with brown hair)Geographical Surnames - Derived from the location of the homestead from which the first bearer and his family lived (Leon Meer -- Leon from by the sea). Other geographical surnames in Germany are derived from the state, region, or village of the first bearers origin, often reflecting a division in tribes and regions, i.e. low German, middle German and upper German. (Paul Cullen -- Paul from Koeln/Cologne). Surnames preceded by on are often clues to geographical surnames, not necessarily a sign that an ancestor was of nobility as many mistakenly believe. (Jacob von Bremen -- Jacob from Bremen) German Farm Names A variation on locality names, farm names in Germany are names which came from the family farm. The thing which makes them different from traditional surnames, however, is that when a person moved onto a farm, he would change his name to that of the farm (a name which usually came from the farms original owner). A man might also change his surname to his wifes maiden name if she inherited a farm. This practice obviously results in a dilemma for genealogists, with such possibilities as children in one family being born under different surnames. German Surnames in America After immigrating to America, many Germans changed (Americanized) their surname to make it easier for others to pronounce or merely to feel more a part of their new home. Many surnames, especially occupational and descriptive surnames, were changed to the English equivalent of the German. BECKER - BAKERZIMMERMANN - CARPENTERSCHWARZ - BLACKKLEIN - LITTLE When a German surname did not have an English equivalent, the name change was usually based on phonetics - spelled in English the way it sounded. SCHAFER - SHAFFERVEICHT - FIGHTGUHR - GERR Top 50 German  Surnames and Their Meanings 1. MLLER 26. LANGE 2. SCHMIDT 27. SCHMITT 3. SCHNEIDER 28. WERNER 4. FISCHER 29. KRAUSE 5. MEYER 30. MEIER 6. WEBER 31. SCHMID 7. WAGNER 32. LEHMANN 8. BECKER 33. SCHULTZ 9. SCHULZE 34. MAIER 10. HOFFMANN 35. KHLER 11. SCHFER 36. HERRMANN 12. KOCH 37. WALTER 13. BAUER 38. KRTIG 14. RICHTER 39. MAYER 15. KLEIN 40. HUBER 16. SCHRDER 41. KAISER 17. WOLF 42. FUCHS 18. NEUMANN 43. PETERS 19. SCHWARZ 44. MLLER 20. ZIMMERMANN 45. SCHOLZ 21. KRGER 46. LANG 22. BRAUN 47. WEI 23. HOFMANN 48. JUNG 24. SCHMITZ 49. HAHN 25. HARTMANN 50. VOGEL

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Notes on Medieval Europe and Japan Essay - 2169 Words

02.01 Travel Journal 1. How did manorialism develop in Medieval Europe? †¢ Some people moved to countryside and focused on agriculture. †¢ Small, independent economies arose, centered on large agricultural manors. †¢ system controlled by powerful warrior landlords, built small armies to protect manor. †¢ Landlords also leased out land in exchange for loyalty. 2. How did the idea of feudalism emerge as an historical construct? †¢ 3. What role does each of the social orders play in the feudal system? King †¢ top of social hierarchical system. †¢ had ultimate control over their land and could grant land to others Nobles †¢ received grants of land from kings.†¦show more content†¦What impact did the Vikings have on medieval Europe? †¢ they also began settlements of their own, particularly in Rus, which would become Russia, and in the British Isles. †¢ wreaked havoc across European kingdoms, plundering villages and towns. †¢ Their mythology as well as their craftsmanship, literature, and seafaring skill became a part of the European inheritance. 6. What accomplishments or changes did medieval popes and kings oversee? †¢ power of the popes was such that they even managed to unite European lords and kings who normally fought amongst themselves †¢ 1095, with Pope Urban II, they called on Christian rulers to lead armies to reclaim the Holy Land from Muslim Turks †¢ These Crusades lasted nearly 200 years and resulted in new alliances among European kingdoms, as well as increasing the power of the Church. 7. What contributions did the Church make to politics, economics, and culture in medieval Europe? †¢ They provided religious officials at weddings, births, and deaths and oversaw important Church rituals †¢ They also served as doctors and teachers and played an important economic role. 8. How did European culture flourish in the Middle Ages? †¢ in addition to stained glass, medieval artisans produced wonderful textiles as well as works in stone, metal, and wood †¢ Castles, cathedrals, and churches became the homes of many such splendors. †¢ Bards, orShow MoreRelatedHistory of Calculus Essay1186 Words   |  5 PagesHistory of Calculus The history of calculus falls into several distinct time periods, most notably the ancient, medieval, and modern periods. The ancient period introduced some of the ideas of integral calculus, but does not seem to have developed these ideas in a rigorous or systematic way. Calculating volumes and areas, the basic function of integral calculus, can be traced back to the Egyptian Moscow papyrus (c. 1800 BC), in which an Egyptian successfully calculated the volume of a pyramidalRead MoreMedical Theories Dominating The Medical Practice Essay1323 Words   |  6 Pagesdominating the medical practice in the United States. These are the Dualistic philosophy, which is the most common, and the Holistic philosophy (Spector, 2013). As we see a rise in the use and interest of the Holistic philosophy, it is important to note that cultural diversity is ever present. The following discussion is to inform healthcare professionals of the use of herbs in the Wiccan culture and to better understand th e differences and similarities, both past and present, in order to decreaseRead MoreThe Theory Of Medicinal And Alternative Medicine Institute Essay1355 Words   |  6 Pagesphilosophy, the most common, uses science to prove the value in treatment of diseases. The Homeopathic, or Holistic, philosophy treats the person rather than the disease (Spector, 2013). As the Holistic philosophy becomes more prominent, it is important to note that cultural diversity has always been present. The following discussion is to inform healthcare professionals about the use of herbs in the Wiccan culture and to better understand the differences and similarities in medicinal uses, both past andRead More How the Mongol Empire has Affected the World Essays2491 Words   |  10 Pagesempires are all seen as major forces in the field of history, but there is often a great empire that has been overlooked. This overlooked empire once amassed about half of the world’s land. Its territories once in cluded China, Persia, and even Eastern Europe. The empire is known as an empire that virtually had the world trembling in their boots. The empire is the Mongol Empire, and the question is how does an empire of nomads end up drastically changing the geography of the world and scaring the livingRead MoreHistory 9th Grade2275 Words   |  10 Pagespopulation of over 2 million, making it the largest city in the world at the time. 04/13/0690 Empress Wu Was titled the Heavenly Empress in this year. In fear of her power being taken, she killed all the Emperors mistresses and their sons. On a positive note, she started a school for Buddhism and Confucianism. 04/15/0750 Spread to Spain Umayyad Caliphate princess escapes to spain and their she gets to know the government and makes an alliance with them. 04/15/0834 Language in Byzantine Greek became theRead MoreEssay about What is World History?4758 Words   |  20 Pagesdeforestation, too much grazing, too much erosion. Such practices may account for the fall of the Indus Valley civilization of pre-Aryan India, the Mayan civilization of pre-Columbian Central America and Mexico, and the civilizations of medieval Zimbabwe in southeast Africa and medieval Cambodia in southeast Asia. But environmental studies can also help explain the predominance of certain cultures and states at one time and of other cultures and states at other times. Consider China. From the 3rd CenturyRead MoreJohann Gutenberg and the Impact of the Printing Press2679 Words   |  11 Pages which is often incorrectly attributed to Gutenberg, was already in use in the process of making wine and olive oil. Paper too had been in circulation for about a hundred years. Indeed, the printing press had already surfaced in China, Korea, and Japan. These countries employed wooden blocks for printing, albeit the unduly number of characters rendered the process nearly futile and very expensive. If the printing press was already in use, the remaining question is what exactly did Gutenberg inventRead MoreEuropes Second Logistic5530 Words   |  23 Pagescombination of adventurous spirit, pious sentiment, and brutal behavior that characterized the explorers and conqueror?. After a century of decline and stagnation Europes population began to grow. In the middle of 15 th century the population of Europe as whole was 45-50 million, its about 2/3 less than it was before the plague. By the middle of 17 th century the population was 100 million, in view of the stagnation and decline that occurred in the first half of the 17 th century. What caused thisRead MoreHistory of Social Relations in India6115 Words   |  25 PagesAmerican continent, or in Africa, Europe or elsewhere in Asia. In some societies, caste-like divisions were relatively simple, in others more complex. For instance, in Eastern Africa some agricultural societies were divided between land-owning and landless tribes (or clans) that eventually took on caste-like characteristics. Priests and warriors enjoyed special privileges in the 15th C. Aztec society of Mexico as did the Samurais (warrior nobles) and priests of medieval Japan. Notions of purity and defilementRead MoreMuslim Women in Inter faith Relatinships3018 Words   |  13 Pagesbook; ‘The Position of Women In Islam’ by Mohammad Ali Syed. The basic plot of ‘My Wife, the Muslim’ is a love story. It is the harsh reality of a Muslim woman originally from Afghanistan and a Jewish man who met in California. They travelled to Europe in search of a legal marriage officer who would perform their wedding ceremony, wedding them to each other without any of them having to change their religion. The journal tells of the discrimination they faced regarding their individual faith and

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The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald - 1552 Words

American novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald uses his novel The Great Gatsby to comment on American society and on other great American writers, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson. Although both of these writers are well respected and analyze the themes of American society, their works contrast each other’s claims. One major theme in The Great Gatsby is the past the book itself is told from Nick’s point of view in his later years and emphasizes how Gatsby attempts to try to change his past throughout the whole novel. While Fitzgerald offers much insight on the principle of time and the past, Emerson does not seem to think the past matters. In Self-Reliance, Emerson reveals that the past is insignificant. He believes that â€Å"Whenever a mind is simple, and†¦show more content†¦Gatsby’s conception of himself is a lavish persona, which he believes is his destiny and his divine wisdom: â€Å"He was a son of God - a phrase which, if it means anything, means just that - and he must be about His Father’s business, the service of a vast, vulgar meretricious beauty† (92). Even when growing up on a humble farm in North Dakota, Gatsby knew the unexceptional lifestyle would not satisfy this â€Å"divine wisdom,† or the destiny that Gatsby believes he will have (and eventually believes he has). He renounced his parents inside his mind, admitting that â€Å"his imagination had never really accepted them as his parents at all† (91-92). Instead, Gatsby found a new Father - a God of beautiful, lavish corruption. This new, wealthy, worldly persona is Jay Gatsby, the ideal form of the poor farmer James Gatz. By creating a whole new identity, Gatsby is rejecting his past self as James Gatz, and moving on to what he considers to be his destiny - a life of beauty and glamour that ultimately comes with corruption. A new identity, a new self, a new life is Gatsby’s â€Å"divine wisdom,† which does not fit with Emersonâ€⠄¢s definition of a â€Å"divine wisdom,† or genius. However, Gatsby’s conception of himself is his dream. This dream is later embodied in

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Woman Cellphone Information To Her Stalker -Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Woman Cellphone Information To Her Stalker? Answer: Introduction: TELUS Corporation or TELUS is a Canadian based National telecommunication company which is associated with providing of a wide range of products and services related to telecommunication. This products and services mainly includes the access to internet, voice calling, entertainment, healthcare, video, and IPTV. TELUS was established in the year of 1990 in Edmonton, Alberta (, 2018). But after its marketing with BCTel in the year of 1999 it moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. This report mainly discusses about the various privacy issues with respect to TELUS privacy breach that caused severe problem to a Canadian woman when all her personal data got leaked (, 2018). Along with this the report also discusses about some of the standards present in the industry along with comparing the standards with the standards of TELUS. The report also suggests some ways in which the data breach can be avoided by TELUS. Current Processes for Protecting the Privacy: There are various ways in which TELUS looks into the protection of the privacy of its customers. Some of the current processes used by TELUS so as to protect the privacy are listed below: A chief data and Trust Officer has been adopted by this organisation for the purpose of overseeing the organisations Trust and Data Office. This office is mainly associated with the maintenance of the program related to the management of the privacy (, 2018). This mean this office is specifically designed for the purpose of protecting the privacy along with the setting up of policies and procedures which is mainly done for earning and maintaining of the trust. Seven foundation principles of privacy have been embraced by this organisation. They have been striving for embedding all the privacy enhancing principle into the development process of products and the services (Hughes, 2015). A robust Information Security Governance Program is maintained by TELUS for the purpose of protecting the personal data of the customer along with safeguarding their security (, 2018). This safeguard mainly includes the administrative, physical, and technical security controls. De-identification of the personal informations might be done by the organisation for the purpose of different reasons so as to safeguard the information(, 2018). This de identified information will greatly help in the retention of the information. The response of the organisation is done in a timely manner accounting to the request of the customer for accessing their personal information. The organisation tries to keep the personal data of the customers as updated as possible along with keeping the information up-to-dated. The privacy and the security training provided is also taken very much seriously by the organisation (, 2018). Along with this a variety of methods is used by TELUS for the purpose of assisting the team members so as to respect and protect the privacy of the customers. There is a team in the organisation which is totally dedicated towards the response for privacy concern or inquiries of the customers. The organisation might collect, use or disclose personal information during certain circumstances which has been set out by the Privacy Legislation Cookies are used by the organisation in a limited manner for certain purposes which is consistent with the commitments made by the organisation. Example of industrial standards in Canadas telecommunication sector: There was no telecommunication standard till the year of 1990 in the Canada. There were some proprietary standards which were developed by some of the individual companies. In the early 1990s some telecommunication standards were published by the standard writing bodies which initially provided the definition for the infrastructure (Hill, 2014). Some of the telecommunication standards are listed below: The TIA-569-B Commercial Building Standards for the Telecommunication Pathways and Spaces. - This was the American standard which was under constant revision from its publication as ANSI/EIA/TIA in the year of 1990 (, 2018). The design guidelines are provided by this standard along with this it is also not required by the code which is an important document which is to be followed. Inputs are provided by the Canadian representatives which is unlikely to be like any of the amendments which is mainly required due to the differences in the American and the Canadian codes. Another recent standard published in the year of 1999 was CAN/CSA-T530-99 Commercial Building Standard for Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces (T530). TIA/EIA-568-B Telecommunication Building Telecommunications Cabling Standards. Due to its huge size this standard has been divided into three parts. General requirements are provided by part 1, part 2 is associated with providing of further requirements while part 3 is associated with the further requirements of the optical fibres (, 2018). Along with this there are also various standards like the ANSI-J-STD-607-A-2002 (607-A) or Commercial Building Grounding (Earth) and Bonding Requirements for Telecommunications and many more. Intrusion detection and Prevention: This means that there should remain a proper detection system for any kind of intrusions similar to the incident along with there should also remain certain policies for prevention of such type of intrusions. Proper verification techniques: Some more verification system should be added to the existing one for the purpose of avoiding such a mishap that occurred in case of the Canadian Women. Regular assessment for vulnerabilities: TELUS should take an initiative for doing vulnerability assessment on a regular basis. This should be done at least once in a week. Training to the employees: There is an essential need for providing the employees with a training for doing any type of verification process. Better training and cautiousness of the employees can greatly help in avoiding incidents similar to that occurred in recent years. Conclusion: By application of proper telecommunication standards and by following financial suggested solutions can greatly help TELUS avoiding incidents similar to what happened to the Canadian women. Security of the customers is an essential issue. So this should be greatly considered by TELUS. The existing privacy policies should be also revised so as to maintain a competitive advantage in the telecommunication sector. References: (2018).Telus releases woman's cellphone information to her stalker.CBC News. Retrieved 21 January 2018, from Hill, R. (2014).The new international telecommunication regulations and the Internet: A commentary and legislative history management. Springer Science Business Media. Hughes, R. D. (2015). Two concepts of privacy.Computer Law Security Review,31(4), 527-537. (2018).About us - About Retrieved 21 January 2018, from (2018).Privacy | Support | Retrieved 21 January 2018, from (2018). Retrieved 21 January 2018, accounting

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Rutgers Education free essay sample

It seems like a big welding pot in Rutgers which melted multiple cultures of different students from diverse backgrounds all over the world; especially therein the featured global village that aims to create the atmosphere to communicate with each other for international students is what I am pursuing in my academic study. On one hand, in modern society it’s necessary for us to make contact with various persons, thus it would definitely support my career in the future through primarily acquainting myself with conventions and customs of foreign peoples on the basis of solid knowledge foundation and excellent social international skills. On the other hand, as the tendency of business globalization becomes more and more popular, commercial trade among districts and areas would tremendously increase so as to develop respective advantages in virtue of others’; it is Rutgers that, I believe, would help me grow into a comprehensive professional in the field I would like to address while I could also exchange and disseminate the charming Chinese culture to all staff. We will write a custom essay sample on Rutgers Education or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page More importantly, Rutgers is located nearby the developed cities of New York and Philadelphia and has been keeping touch with the industries around, so that the curriculum exquisitely set by Rutgers is closely integrated with current situation of global market based upon advanced expertise faculty, modernized facilities and feasible training opportunities. Except appropriate and quiet environment for academic study, Rutgers also pays attention to practices and offers the positions of internship in large-scale enterprises, which absolutely contributes to the cultivation of alumni’s capability for the professional career in the whole life.

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The Spring and Autumn

The Spring and Autumn Free Online Research Papers Spring is an enlightening season in which there is great anticipation of the events it brings. It is my favorite season and one that I feel most connected with. It is like a yearly reawakening of the body and mind that coincides with the Earth waking up from a deep sleep. During this season, historically neighbors are busy putting away their snow blowers and bringing out their lawn mowers. Kids are packing away their snowsuits and sleds and bringing out their new bikes and shorts. The birds return flapping their wings in the sky as if to get everyones attention. Along with the return of the birds, all the other animals awaken from a long slumber, many caring for bundles of joy that a few months ago were distant dreams. I am aware of their presence through traces of deer tracks in the mud and the loud chattering of squirrels among the trees. The snow from the previous season melts its way back to the Beaver Creek. The sound of water flowing down stream and brushing against it’ s banks, interrupting central flow, is easing. The wind is calm and, at a slow pace, carries away the redundant remnants of the dreary winter. The distinct smell of melted snow fills the air as it seeps into the dirt, creating mud. The sun bounces off my bald head, making me feel warm on the inside. It is a comforting feeling like the one you get after a long, hot shower. It is the spring season in which time flies and man’s feeble attempts at slowing her down, are futile at best. â€Å"Slow down children playing† signs pop up on every residential street. I wish someone could tell Mother Nature to slow down for her children are playing. The naà ¯ve baby rabbits that inhabit my back yard in the early spring seem to be savvy adults by the turning of Autumn’s first leaves. It seams as if my son has just completed his last homework assignment in June and we are already shopping for school clothes. The bulbs that I planted have bloomed and are preparing for the long winter ahead before I have truly had the opportunity to enjoy the colors and smells that only God could have blessed them with. In the Fall, everything that we were so busy finding now goes back into its boxes and rests until Spring finds its way back to The Beaver Valley. Still, there is very much going on. Neighbors talk of the events of the past month and the plans for the ones coming. They gather the last of their raspberries from their bushes in the backyard, which surround the now barren garden. The taste of the fully ripe fruits from the raspberry bushes is a sweet sensation, which gives the tongue reason to dance. The sun cools down again and quietly retreats. A cold chill meant to prepare us for what is to come blankets the Earth. I get goose bumps all over my body. The sky is still, as if preparing to shed its white tears. The birds leave shouting in the sky as though they are saying farewell, for now. And life as we know it slows to a snails pace. Even autumns own subjects begin to slow down like a Sunday sightseer with no destination in mind. The colorful leaves of the trees meander to the groun d with no sense of urgency and the first snow-flakes of the season march to their destination just as slow and methodical as an infantry bravely going to battle with the blistering winds singing its cadence. The bright sunny days of spring and summer that seemed to rush by have turned to dark gloomy days that never seem to end. With much fanfare we await the verdict of the groundhog in eager anticipation that the long cold dreary days will end. The Spring and Autumn are active seasons which often go unnoticed because they blend so well with the seasons before and after. Every season has a certain smell to me. It is the cold smell of Autumn that sends a certain sadness through my body. It is that time when I dread winters nearing, for then my warm memories become a sheet of white ice that sparkles only when touched by the sun. At this time, there is almost no human activity except for a young couple walking their dog or a family cross-country skiing. The trees stand bare, mounted against the mountains in the distance. It is white from top to bottom, colored only by the shadows of nature. There is almost no sound. The wind is the only present force. It hits my cheeks and paints them red while deep within I quiver. I try to breath it all in but it tingles my throat causing me to quickly press my lips together again. Still, I continue watching, taking small breaths. My ears freeze, but I am usually so consumed in thought of w hat the approaching season will bring that I hardly notice. With the coming of the next season, it is clear that winters stay is long overdue. As spring transitions from the slow stand still of winter to the flying time of Summer I go to lie on the crisp green grass, which quickly catches its breath before my human shadow disguises it. I feel the embrace of Mother Nature herself and I wonder what it is about this place that I have grown so attached to. Some days the clouds move with a vigor like that of an approaching storm. Other days, the clouds gather in the sky, occasionally changing their form as though they are performing a play for me. The wind is ever transforming here, changing its path when least expected. It caresses my face and body. The force is unaware of my presence. The sensation it brings keeps me there longer than I plan. The smell of freshly cut grass fills the air, not to mention the occasional smell of a neighbor barbecuing hamburgers and hot dogs, that finds its way to my nose. I am usually caught up in other thoughts to consciously notice the subtle smells of spring’s arrival. It is the sense o f well being that these smells trigger that jolt me into awareness. I hear the sounds of the elementary school children during their recess intertwined with the melody of the birds singing, and the flustering of the water, when they make their smooth landings in the pond behind me. The most welcoming sound at my place of peace is that of a friends voice. The voice that makes my stay worthwhile, makes it harder to leave. I lie down on the hill just before the range, admiring the town from a limited view. This is summer time near Beaver Falls just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is the fastest and most exciting of the four seasons but unfortunately leaves sooner than it comes. 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Successional Planning Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Successional Planning - Research Paper Example The organization provides services to the customer within the town of Quispamsis. The organization has more than 100 employees and has been in service for many years. It is managed by professionals who ensure continuity and expansion. Exploitation is evidences in the organization with some of the professional providing service being underpaid. Sometimes salary delay and over taxation are noticed. For improvement, the employee compensation policies should be reviewed. Individual should be compensated with respect to their education level and experience. Pension scheme should also be introduced in order to compensate people after retirement. Employees should be given medical and health insurance cover to compensate them in case of injury. Training should be held in order to make sure that the employees are conversant with the organization’s operations and strategies. The current state is good and the existing operational strategies should be maintained or improved. In future there should be skilled and motivated employees in order to increase the performance and gain more income. Human resource manager should consider hiring skilled employees and also motivate the existing employee in order to improve